Emrol B.V.B.A. - Company in Malle, Belgique - Allbiz
    Emrol B.V.B.A. - Company in Malle, Belgique - Allbiz
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    Emrol B.V.B.A. - Company in Malle, Belgique - Allbiz

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    Emrol B.V.B.A., Malle
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    Сompany address: Malle, Belgique
    Industrieweg 15
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    De l’entreprise Emrol B.V.B.A.

    Our company is specialized in products like batteries, chargers and related products. On the service side we can help you out with about everything your battery heart desires, going from maintenance contracts to capacity tests... If you are looking for a rechargeable lead-acid battery used for starting, lighting, traction, stand-by or any other application, Congratulations ! You have found it! But remember : nobody's perfect, so if you don't find it on our site, we forgot to put it on. Being an independant company we will always inform you of the best product for you, and at the best price possible! If we don't sell it, it's probably not a good product. This is probably our strongest property!
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    3Les accumulateurs

    3Les éléments et les batteries

    1Les réorganisateurs et les redresseurs

    2L'équipement d'automobile à instruments

    1Moyens d'indication et affichage d'information

    1Batteries acuumulateurs de traction

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